Eedee - "Our Time" ft. G.P. & Andrea Broz

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Eedee - "Our Time" ft. G.P. & Andrea Broz

Post by Eedee on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:35 am

This is a really old song, but I listened to it earlier, and I really like it, personally.

This is from Nov. 2011.

See how far I've come:

[Chorus: G.P & Andrea Broz]

Ridin' through the city with my music up high,

Fresh, so clean, you know I stay fly.

Whatever you do will cause me to quit the fight,

Cuz now we've made it here and this is our time.

[Verse 1: Eedee]

A fall from grace, is it all a waste?

What if my EP flops when it drops?

Can I make it to the top?

I'ma give it all I got,

I can't shake it, call it lost.

My blood, sweat and tears

is what I put into this shit,

should I stuff it all and bet my fears

won't come back to haunt me?

what do you want me to do? piss off and quit?

I'll throw a fit, get hit with shit

'fore I sit down and give up,

pick up the mic and spit.

appreciate this, let it all soak in,

hear my voice, does I sound like I'm joking?

you smoking crack? I'll choke you back,

here's me hoping I won't resort to that.

These ups and downs are the hard times,

But when the rhymes start, it's our time.


[Verse 2: Eedee]

Shadows are cast in the darkness...

Patches of black in the heartless...

See, you can't part this...

you're as stupid as armpits to the armless.

And on top of that, if you doubt my shit,

the loudest bit is your trouser's kicked.

Crescent nightlight of the moon...

Treasure my mind while it brews...

Man am I one with the land and sky?

sucker punch me once kiss your hand good bye.

This is a track by Eric, der...

Don't attack my charac-ter!

Thomas has the beats that inspire...

Teetering' on the wire, please take me higher.

to the tallest cloud so I can scream aloud,

i'm on top of the world, let my dreams abound!


[Verse 3: Eedee]

I see the ladder, i plan climb up it,

To the throne... you'll get your comeuppance,

Great white hope, like the Pope and his business,

Can't cope with the fact that hope has been lifted.

Don't get it twisted, choke you with both fists,

bloke gonna diss this? piss off you're hopeless.

Kiss of death? nah, I won't flinch,

two shits, this bitch is next, I don't give,

anyone a free pass, don't expect one neither,

but don't sleep on us like you took some ether.

Jacob bro, I just want you to be proud,

Wake up though, my thoughts are in the clouds.

Mom and Dad don't approve of this art,

But it keeps me true as it moves my heart.

I'ma novice lil MC, but Thomas and Eedee,

will be around for a while, and I promise that we'll be...


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Re: Eedee - "Our Time" ft. G.P. & Andrea Broz

Post by metalchick on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:43 pm


This is actually pretty good.

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