Mat Demaz - "Fame or Famine"

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Mat Demaz - "Fame or Famine"

Post by Eedee on Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:17 pm

Song Link: Fame or Famine

I've seen some messed up shit man it's just fucked
I've seen my friends go insane and get fucking cuffed
I've seen girls go bad man they never had a chance
scoping her on Facebook now shes got a kid damn
this place tried to drag me down into a void of the slum
images of the past pound my head it hurts like a cunt
crushed under society I'm sick of this place
you'd think our generation would learn from old mistakes
growing up in the suburbs everyone was middle-classed
if you had the slightest ounce of ambition they would kick your ass
the government kept us down while the rich got rich
now I believe what AZ said life's a bitch
fuck saying names I wouldn't give you the fucking attention
even if I blow up you fuckers will be begging for the mentions
I just wanna pray for a sunny day I'm sick of the dark
all I can do is wait it out and hide behind this art

fame or famine
the darkness closes in I must make it happen
music is great
doing something you love while getting paid
keeping your head up
even when it seems hopeless you might find some luck
grab your friends
you'll rest easy if your blowing up with them

all my old friends are living simple lives slugging it out
and they make me look insane because I don't work now
I see people who think they got it made brushing me off man
next minute they're getting thrown in the paddy van
they are dogs in their packs man they walk around
you fucking pussy faggots won't even have a future you clowns
it's hopeless everything is fucked nothing moves, it's stuck
then again the world's been like this for a while but it's raised up
talk to me guys not behind my back
I bet 90 percent of my problems are to do with you rats
people must think I'm stupid a wannabe rapper
pfft my discography is 200 plus albums you slacker
I'm trying to blow up this music thing is more then a game
but what's betters being poor or having fame
im sick of rapping about the past but theirs soo much to get off my chest
You may hate me, but that's fine I'll continue to give it my best


i know its better to face this world as a group
but when I'm by myself I'm vulnerable like you
I'm just a normal person I ain't above anyone
I'm trapped in these walls encased waiting for some money to come
my body aching hoping people will see the light
but it's hopeless people always fuck up their lives
I've seen kids harass me at school and grow up to be delinquents
these cliche things should of been non-existent
I blame the government making everyone nuts
raise the price of living and fuck everyone up
this guys ducked down cops running down the road
shots fired he's laying in a pool of blood that's all i know
I blocked that out of my memory but i still can't sleep at night
ui know when people hear this album they'll be like this kid's alright
but he's mediocre poor guy rapping about shit
man it feels like I'm trapped in a pit

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan
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