Eedee - "The Shrink" (Demo)

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Eedee - "The Shrink" (Demo)

Post by Eedee on Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:02 am

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*This is a demo single. I might change some mixing or something later. But just for now, tell me what you think. :y:

(Yeah, hey. I think she's just being a bitch.
I was supposed to see him after work today but she hasn't called me. Thanks. Bye)
Hurry up, Jesus...

(So, have a seat over there, if you'd be so kind.)
Yeah, thanks.
(Shall we begin?)
(Tell me about what happened last week.)

Last week, you know I can't sleep
Counting my fingers cuz I'm past sheep.
Anyway, I was laying there
I realized there's so many people dreaming and how can you say it's fair?
So I got out of bed, and I felt for my shoes,
Thoughts in my head, got my belt in it's loop.
I guess it was true...
Why can't I sleep? Questions that threw me for a loop
kept wandering in
I thought of a pen
Not one full of ink but where I slaughter a pig.
Your daughter's a bitch!
Damn it, I should swallow my lips.
(No, keep going, what happened next?)
Okay, so I stopped at a fence.
A wooden one, I thought this was good enough
That chapter ends at something I should've done.
(I'm here to listen. Continue)
I thought "this is my venue!" so I crawled on over
I popped my shoulder and got much colder.
There was a backyard and a dog house
I should've ran away and got out
I realize this now...
but when you can't sleep... that's not how your mind works
I'm worse for wear but I couldn't care less...
So I kept on going when I heard a growl
I was curious and I figured it was worth the prowl.
(What did you find when you looked?)
Just a stupid dog, no bigger a shoe box,
(What did you do?) I said "hey, you've got
something on your nose, let me get that for you"
And I stomped the shit out of that little prick's face.
Now, by this time it was getting real late
(Wait, you killed a dog? A beagle?)
My insomnia still was raw so I crept up to the house
My feet were chilled and thawed
Must've been the blood pumping.
My fingers were working but my thumb wasn't
cuz it was hard to open the door...
But I got that little bitch open, didn't I?
(well, didn't you?)
Of course I did, you fucking idiot!
I felt something blistering on my feet but I couldn't care less.
Anyway, where's best? ... oh yes.
I got inside the house. I was like a mouse
I didn't make a sound. I was proud, for real.
(Then what?)
You said you wouldn't keep interrupting me.
(I'm sorry. This is my last time.)
Yeah that's what I said last week. Bad me. Bad me!
Exactly. What a crappy excuse for a human being.
You were dreaming, weren't you? No, of course I wasn't.
The force was nothing, I mean I barely felt it,
I had to find just where he kept it... didn't I?
(What are you talking about now?)
I could care less, buddy boy
I could race laps around you, I need to stretch my neck.
It's best to check up on them in a while, really.
(The story, please?) Of course, you freak. haha
I had flights of stairs to ascend,
I got upstairs and he was there in his bed.
I held back a giggle, I think it was excitement,
I mean, I got in, I was delighted.
By that time, I did it. I proved I could do it.
He said I wouldn't be able to.
(Who said that? Who's he?)
At least he's not a liar like you are.
At this point, I was away from my house for too long. I was sick
(I know how that feels. I haven't seen my boy in weeks. Ever since the divorce)
You wanna talk about it?
(No, keep going with your story)
Okay then. My voice was constricted and hoarse from the cold air
I opened this door and I saw a race car bed and a stuffed giraffe.
(My little boy has a stuffed giraffe...)
I cut him fast my fucking laugh bloody bath!
(What? Who was he?)
You know who. hehehe
Uh uh uh! I think we're done here.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan
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Re: Eedee - "The Shrink" (Demo)

Post by mdemaz on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:54 pm

Nice atmosphere.

I'd love to hear the official song.


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