Eedee - "Wishing On A Memory"

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Eedee - "Wishing On A Memory"

Post by Eedee on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:14 pm

10. Wishing On A Memory
~ Produced by Passion Hifi

[Verse 1]
What if I'm an angel, that's fallen from grace,
But I can't hear God as he's calling my name?
Fear not, for alas, my life is taking me,
Lights evading me, I take pride in painting scenes.
In your mind for you to see, a vivid vision real,
Storm clouds above me, nature's livid; digging heels
I'm worn out... I have no energy left,
I have no writtens I've kept because I'm spitting my best.
Haven't seen my grandparents in almost a decade,
It's a headache for real, but I'm on to the next phase,
In the book of my life, a new chapter's being written,
And I see an opportunity I won't leave sittin'.
I cannot spit on every beat, as distant as I'll ever be,
I'm a loser with no future as I'm wishing on a memory.
Of the times that were better, but the night's gettin' wetter,
Maybe I'll count the rain drops - that way I'll spend forever

Wishing on a memory,
I can't grab the past...
I need to carry on,
But alas, that's a fact...
I wanna forget this,
Pretend it never did...
But I get blown to the wind
Almost like every wish...
(Wishing on a memory... memory memory)

Yo, this next verse is directed at Thomas Swanson.
Listen up, bro.

[Verse 2]
My so-called "friends" give me the silent treatment,
I'd be lying if I said that my eyes aren't weeping.
You and me, man, I thought we're doing this game,
But now I'm in the dark screaming till I'm blue in the face.
Everything was good but now where the fuck have you been?
Haven't heard a single word from ya, nothing but wind.
Outside my window, damn, I hope he's alright,
Don't worry about me, bro, I'm coping just fine.
That's a lie, I'm not, this shit really hurts,
I don't even think I can put this pain into words.
Seriously, Thomas? Not even a text?
I've tried everything but I guess we'll leave it a mess.
Breathing is best, but I feel constricted in throat,
You're my producer for fuck sake! Now I'm sitting alone.
I don't appreciate this, c'mon man, hit me back,
Two months without talking is absurd, this is wack.

Mixtape due out in the next few days. Enjoy.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan
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